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How to Clean up Your Google Drive

Google Drive, any doubt, is a very convenient cloud service for storing a variety of files. But we all, use Google Drive as a “warehouse”, throwing all types of files into a shared folder. Clearly, with this approach, sooner or later, cloudy disk space will turn into a garbage bin in which to find something will not be so easy.

Customize file display

You can view files and folders on Google Drive in a bunch of different ways. For example, you can display everything in the form of a list or a grid view, and also set the line spacing so that you can work with files as comfortably as possible. You can also easily browse folders and subfolders and reserve the center of the screen for the contents of the “special” folder that you select as the main one.

Creating subfolders

Subfolders are very convenient. They help sort and classify files into smaller and specific groups. You can also use different colours for the folders you want. Right-click any folder in the sidebar or in the main window and select “Change Colour”. Then select the desired colour. You can choose any colour scheme that suits you.

Creating Favorite Folders and Files

Google Drive allows you to add asterisks to display files and folders. You can do this in the same way as changing the colour: right-click on a file or folder and select the corresponding item “Add to Starred”.

Use the item “Shared to me”

On the left in the Google Disk management menu, you can find the Shared with me item. By clicking on it, you will see all the files to which you have access. From here you can edit each file as you like.

  • By right-clicking, you can place the file in your starred, just as we did in the previous paragraph.
  • In addition, you (also by clicking on the file with the right mouse button) can save it to your Google Drive/move to the desired folder, thus reducing the number of unsorted files.
  • You can make a copy of the file. After right-clicking on the file, select “Make a copy.” It is noteworthy that if you create a copy of a file with shared access, then only you will have access to the new file.
  • From the same menu you can select the item “Open access” and make the file accessible to a wide range of users.

Watch the recycle bin

As with a PC, when you delete a file, it enters the trash and stays there until you empty the trash. The longer you allow debris to accumulate, the less free space you have, so more often empty the trash in Google Drive.

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