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All You Need to Know about Microsoft Azure

Using cloud computing technology has altered at the same pace as it has improved over the previous two centuries. What was considered uniquely to be a way to store files remotely became the key productivity model-Business Intelligence in a new digital marketplace.

At the core of these changes are great services that permit the incorporation of cloud technology in organizations, for example, Microsoft Azure. In this article, we will tell you about Microsoft Azure, when you need Microsoft Azure and how you can adopt azure where you work.

What is Microsoft Azure?

With the developing interest in cloud computing and intelligence of cloud technology over the past decade, it wasn’t long before one of the world’s biggest companies flooded the market and offered cloud computing services. Windows Azure was launched in 2008, released in 2010 and renamed in 2014 as Microsoft Azure.

The service today focuses on the enormous cloud platform of Microsoft – from cloud computing infrastructure to host enterprise systems to tools and resources that increase the productive capacity of business across all industries.

IT employees implement remote access and this whole ecosystem can be appreciated to your business needs and your strategy for future growth.

When to Use Microsoft Azure

Any individual who maintains a small or medium-sized business might not even believe so, but they also need to be concerned about information security, privacy and management. And like it or not, your company also processes delicate information, transmitting information to network, site, and numerous other vital IT assets to get your company up and operating, even on a larger scale.

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In light of that, Microsoft developed the Azure cloud, a platform that combines different cloud computing services from an open and flexible subscription plan for any business or organization. You can thus not only maintain and handle your server securely but also use a range of other cloud services.

Azure is perfect for a range of applications: hosting server and websites, data storage and backup, disaster recovery, video streaming media services, data or big data analytics, and open-source applications.

Furthermore, whoever thinks the cloud is strictly or exclusive for large companies is well mistaken. There’s nothing about the Azure platform itself that leaves it more suitable for big business than a small business. It can scale up to accommodate large customers and it can also be reduced to be all your small or medium-sized business requires.

Azure can host your entire environment, or take on just a few tasks until your business needs all of its system functionality. Azure is the right choice when:

  • Your hardware is nearing the end of its life;
  • You need to store long-term sensitive data for compliance;
  • Your boss or the board is asking you to cut your IT budget again;
  • Your needs are outpacing your current infrastructure;
  • Your employees need easy and secure access to data from outside the company;
  • You need disaster recovery for the company;
  • You are looking for access to advanced features like Big Data or the Internet of Things;
  • Among other situations.

How You Can Adopt Azure in Your Company

Now that you know about Microsoft Azure and when you need it for your business, you’ve definitely identified some of these services that can improve productivity within your business. How can you adopt Azure for your business?

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The first question that pops up has to do with the cost of Azure. It is very difficult to estimate how much your company will need to invest in Azure, as each business has its particularities and technological needs. The great advantage of the service is that its cost is flexible – you only pay for what you need. Thus, the subscription value will be proportional to the resources and tools contracted.

In other, for your business to maximise the full potential of Microsoft Azure you need a cloud broker like Descasio Limited to offer advice and support in deciding the best plan for your company. Cloud broker can be your consultant or external technical team based on cloud technology for your company.

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