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5 Advantages of Having a Cloud Broker Manage Your Cloud Services

Cloud Services Brokerage is on the rise in the IT landscape as more and more companies are discovering the business benefits of cloud computing. On the other hand, some organizations are still experiencing problems during the cloud migration process because they do not know the advantages of having a cloud broker to assist them in this process.

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The cloud broker acts as a kind of broker, an intermediary between your company and cloud service providers, with the aim of facilitating negotiations and ensuring the quality of service provided. If you are considering using cloud technology for your business, it is important to know how it can help you.

Top 5 Advantages of Having a Cloud Broker to Manage Your Cloud Services

1. Best value for money
One of the biggest advantages of having a cloud broker is that it is more cost-effective to hire services. Companies often pay dearly for services that are unnecessary for the business and will not be used.
A cloud broker will identify what features you really need and look for the best solution among the various vendors by researching the quality of services and the pricing of each. This way you can reduce costs and get better results in the process.

2. Migration Support
When you finally decide to move your business to the cloud, the migration process needs to be well planned to avoid problems such as unexpected errors and long-term disruption. Setbacks like these can hurt your team’s productivity and impact your business profits.

Cloud broker provides fundamental support at this stage, making the process easier and faster. When performing the migration, we will test and verify what are the necessary adjustments for the perfect operation of applications, ensuring the continuity of the company’s activities during the deployment phase.

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3. Creating a secure infrastructure
Information security is a major concern of companies when hiring a cloud computing service. It is really essential that the cloud infrastructure provider ensures business data protection by eliminating the possibility of sensitive information leaks or loss of important documents.

The cloud broker is able to avoid security risks and identify problems quickly by correcting them before they can cause further inconvenience. It also has the role of monitoring and managing the protection of services, making sure that security regulations are being followed.

4. Time Optimization
Many companies end up hiring more than one vendor to access different cloud computing functionality. This practice is very interesting for the business, as it is possible to take advantage of the best opportunities offered by each of the suppliers and have access to better prices. However, it takes time to manage several different contracts, oversee the provision of combined services, and place requests, which can overwhelm your IT staff.

With a cloud broker, you can centralize all enterprise cloud services and manage them seamlessly through a single interface. That way you can handle all cloud issues in a much less bureaucratic way and have more time available to focus on other strategic business issues.

5. Technical Experience
Cloud computing experts are not required to migrate and manage services, as a cloud broker has a team of professionals with extensive technical experience in the field. Because they are already used to managing cloud projects for many other companies, they know how this market works and how to get the best solutions for their customers.

Knowledge of the cloud broker team in your area provides better performance of cloud infrastructure, from the right choice of functionality to security and support. So your IT team doesn’t have to worry about dealing with these issues and you can reduce costs with training, specialization and hiring new employees.

There are many advantages to having a cloud broker to manage your cloud services which are not limited to the contents above. Get in touch with Cloud brokers like Descasio to start your cloud journey.

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