What Is G Suite and Why Is It Important for Your Business

G Suite is a powerful online tool – 100% web – for messaging and collaboration that meets the fundamental needs of the company, increases productivity and reduces costs, all these tools are hosted in the infrastructure of high security and availability of Google, no hardware or software is required and only requires minimal administration, with this you can save a lot of time and reduce costs for your business.

G Suite allows a secure collaboration in real time between workgroups of any size. Thanks to the hosted documents (text processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations), access to web-based video and simple site creation tools, the information are available from any browser or smartphone, when and where the workers they need it. SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) services integrate seamlessly with existing security and authentication systems. G Suite offers secure and easy productivity to any workgroup without the need to add additional hardware or software.

Why Should You Opt for G Suite?

Many companies are looking for a low-cost, reliable and secure messaging and collaboration solution that helps the business instead of posing significant challenges. If the situation of your company corresponds with what we have just said, you may want to use the G Suite solution in your business.

Challenges of Small and Medium Businesses Company

  • Costly IT problems that use many resources, such as unreliable servers, configuration and maintenance costs, and operation in a multi-OS environment
  • Limited email inboxes
  • Virus attacks, spam, and identity theft
  • Compliance with internal and external policies
  • Disk space consumption,
  • Inefficient functions to share and collaborate.

How G Suite Solves These Business Challenges

  • It drastically reduces the total cost of ownership thanks to an annual fee per user account. No hidden charges for maintenance or updating. Since Google hosts your data, we take care of those costs, so you do not have to.
  • Increase employee productivity with 30 GB of storage per user: your employees can concentrate on their work, not their email quota.
  • Rest assured, thanks to our 99.9% service level agreement for an email with which you can rest assured that your business is still running.
  • Share information instead of sending it The edition of documents in real time avoids the problem of sending attachments by email and the confusion caused by the use of different versions.
  • With G Suite you are safer. Since your data is in Google data centers, which are reliable and diversified, you can stop storing business data on unsafe devices (the main reason for data security problems).
  • Better control of the messages that enter and leave the company thanks to the administrative management and message security controls of G Suite.
  • Whenever you have an Internet connection, access anytime and anywhere, either with the mobile device, with the laptop or with computers with different operating systems (PC, Mac, Linux).

The Advantage of G Suite for Your Business

  • The main advantage is that all your documents are in the cloud. You can access them from anywhere, modify them, send them, share them. You are on the beach with your laptop, tablet or mobile and you can operate with your documents.
  • Nothing is stored in your computer. Although you can download the documents, it is better to have them in the cloud. The people at G Suite take care of backups and everything.
  • You can access G Suite from virtually any device. And that is a significant advantage. For example, you are at work, and your computer breaks down. Well, you just have to switch to another, and you’re working in less than 1 minute. Do not waste time. There are no problems because the files are lost, etc.
  • The Email. With your G Suite account, you have an email with the same Gmail platform. So if you have a Gmail account and you’re used to working with Gmail, getting to work with G Suite mail is not going to take you anything. And there you can host your corporate email with the domain of the company. You can have emails in the form email@mycompany.com.
  • Space of 1 TB. Although now that I look at it, it tells me that it has unlimited space. I do not think I have so many documents to fill it, but I’m getting used to keeping what’s important there. So if I have a problem with my computer or with any of my devices, I do not lose the files.
  • Creation of Documents. You can create text documents, spreadsheets, drawings, presentations, etc.

Difference between Gmail and G Suite

G Suite Plans and Pricing

To begin we have to know that G Suite are tools that you may have already used today if you have a GMAIL account, however, with a BIG DIFFERENCE instead of being @Gmail it will be @yournameofdomain.com which will leave your competition behind. Others difference include:

  • Imagine that you open your Gmail, but instead of the classic Google logo; the logo of your company comes out.
  • Less, much less SPAM in your inbox
  • Share cumbersome files with Drive from GMAIL your email
  • Goodbye blacklists, which is more common than you think because if one day a sender did not get your mail one of the causes is to fall into blacklists because traditional servers share with hundreds of users a server.
  • Technical support by email, chat, and telephone without interruption
  • Guaranteed operation of 99%
  • Additional security options

G Suite Pricing Plan

Different price plans. Besides, G Suite is suitable for your company. You have a plan of $5 per month (with 30 GB of storage). One is $10 (with unlimited storage for more than five users) and then the business that is negotiable (you can contact us at Descasio, we will give you the best discount). I recommend the $5 per month for your personal things. If you see that you are going to have a huge volume of files, then go to the $10.
You only need a current browser because if you use a bit old-fashioned, there are features that surely will not work, or that directly G Suite does not start, or the interface will look distorted. I recommend Chrome (since it’s from Google) but with Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc. It still works too.

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