Office 365

Work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Office 365, Microsoft’s core productivity platform, enables employees to get the job done anytime, anywhere. In addition to delivering cloud versions of every day tools and applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Office 365 provides robust enterprise solutions for email, collaboration, conferencing, enterprise social, personalized insights, and sales automation.


With Office 365, you get

Office applications—always the latest versions let you create, edit, and share from your PC/Mac, ipad, tablet or phone with anyone in real time.
Communication tools that helps you connect better with customers and colleagues from email and Instant messaging to social networking and video conferencing.
Plenty of space for all your files, up to 1TB of storage per user.
Collaboration with people in or outside your company from wherever you are working, whenever you need to.
Easy to use admin center for managing all your services.
Up to date services and no upfront cost for software.
Built-in-security plus compliance and privacy controls help keep your data safe.
A 99.9% uptime financially backed guarantee.