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Microsoft Teams for Android Updated with New Call-related Features

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s group collaboration software and in an enterprise setting their replacement for Skype for Business.

As a result, the app provides good quality video and voice-calling related features, and in its latest update on Android to version 1416/1.0.0 the app has gotten several new phone call-related features.

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Microsoft Teams for Android

The Microsoft Teams for Android changelog includes:

  • Start a new 1:1 or group call from the Calls tab
  • Consult with the recipient before transferring a call
  • Leave or mute a meeting chat using the new meeting details page
  • Participate in Q&A during Live events
  • Schedule private meetings
  • Preview more file types

The app has more than 1 million installs on Android and can be found in the Google Play Store here.

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What Is G Suite and Why Is It Important for Your Business

G Suite is a powerful online tool – 100% web – for messaging and collaboration that meets the fundamental needs of the company, increases productivity and reduces costs, all these tools are hosted in the infrastructure of high security and availability of Google, no hardware or software is required and only requires minimal administration, with this you can save a lot of time and reduce costs for your business.

G Suite allows a secure collaboration in real time between workgroups of any size. Thanks to the hosted documents (text processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations), access to web-based video and simple site creation tools, the information are available from any browser or smartphone, when and where the workers they need it. SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) services integrate seamlessly with existing security and authentication systems. G Suite offers secure and easy productivity to any workgroup without the need to add additional hardware or software.

Why Should You Opt for G Suite?

Many companies are looking for a low-cost, reliable and secure messaging and collaboration solution that helps the business instead of posing significant challenges. If the situation of your company corresponds with what we have just said, you may want to use the G Suite solution in your business.

Challenges of Small and Medium Businesses Company

  • Costly IT problems that use many resources, such as unreliable servers, configuration and maintenance costs, and operation in a multi-OS environment
  • Limited email inboxes
  • Virus attacks, spam, and identity theft
  • Compliance with internal and external policies
  • Disk space consumption,
  • Inefficient functions to share and collaborate.

How G Suite Solves These Business Challenges

  • It drastically reduces the total cost of ownership thanks to an annual fee per user account. No hidden charges for maintenance or updating. Since Google hosts your data, we take care of those costs, so you do not have to.
  • Increase employee productivity with 30 GB of storage per user: your employees can concentrate on their work, not their email quota.
  • Rest assured, thanks to our 99.9% service level agreement for an email with which you can rest assured that your business is still running.
  • Share information instead of sending it The edition of documents in real time avoids the problem of sending attachments by email and the confusion caused by the use of different versions.
  • With G Suite you are safer. Since your data is in Google data centers, which are reliable and diversified, you can stop storing business data on unsafe devices (the main reason for data security problems).
  • Better control of the messages that enter and leave the company thanks to the administrative management and message security controls of G Suite.
  • Whenever you have an Internet connection, access anytime and anywhere, either with the mobile device, with the laptop or with computers with different operating systems (PC, Mac, Linux).

The Advantage of G Suite for Your Business

  • The main advantage is that all your documents are in the cloud. You can access them from anywhere, modify them, send them, share them. You are on the beach with your laptop, tablet or mobile and you can operate with your documents.
  • Nothing is stored in your computer. Although you can download the documents, it is better to have them in the cloud. The people at G Suite take care of backups and everything.
  • You can access G Suite from virtually any device. And that is a significant advantage. For example, you are at work, and your computer breaks down. Well, you just have to switch to another, and you’re working in less than 1 minute. Do not waste time. There are no problems because the files are lost, etc.
  • The Email. With your G Suite account, you have an email with the same Gmail platform. So if you have a Gmail account and you’re used to working with Gmail, getting to work with G Suite mail is not going to take you anything. And there you can host your corporate email with the domain of the company. You can have emails in the form
  • Space of 1 TB. Although now that I look at it, it tells me that it has unlimited space. I do not think I have so many documents to fill it, but I’m getting used to keeping what’s important there. So if I have a problem with my computer or with any of my devices, I do not lose the files.
  • Creation of Documents. You can create text documents, spreadsheets, drawings, presentations, etc.

Difference between Gmail and G Suite

G Suite Plans and Pricing

To begin we have to know that G Suite are tools that you may have already used today if you have a GMAIL account, however, with a BIG DIFFERENCE instead of being @Gmail it will be which will leave your competition behind. Others difference include:

  • Imagine that you open your Gmail, but instead of the classic Google logo; the logo of your company comes out.
  • Less, much less SPAM in your inbox
  • Share cumbersome files with Drive from GMAIL your email
  • Goodbye blacklists, which is more common than you think because if one day a sender did not get your mail one of the causes is to fall into blacklists because traditional servers share with hundreds of users a server.
  • Technical support by email, chat, and telephone without interruption
  • Guaranteed operation of 99%
  • Additional security options

G Suite Pricing Plan

Different price plans. Besides, G Suite is suitable for your company. You have a plan of $5 per month (with 30 GB of storage). One is $10 (with unlimited storage for more than five users) and then the business that is negotiable (you can contact us at Descasio, we will give you the best discount). I recommend the $5 per month for your personal things. If you see that you are going to have a huge volume of files, then go to the $10.
You only need a current browser because if you use a bit old-fashioned, there are features that surely will not work, or that directly G Suite does not start, or the interface will look distorted. I recommend Chrome (since it’s from Google) but with Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc. It still works too.

Interested in G SUITE for your company or organization? we have the best market price. Click here to Contact Us

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ESPN Fantasy Football Features AI Insights from IBM Watson

IBM’s Watson is supplying the ESPN fantasy football game with artificial intelligence-powered insights. The advanced Fantasy Insights system originally debuted last year but has been incorporated as a key resource for the 2018 season.

Developers at IBM trained Watson to understand the sport by giving it more than six million articles to read. The platform stays up to date by ingesting 3,000 new sources every hour. While NFL player statistics are already readily available to fantasy gamers, Watson is supplementing those raw numbers with “unstructured data.” Watson culls through more than 10 million news stories, blogs, forums, rankings, and tweets to estimate the potential upside and downside of a matchup, analyze boom or bust chances, predict injury, and convey media sentiment and trends.

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Screenshot of ESPN fantasy football app with Tom Brady projections.

ESPN ESPN fantasy football  appFor instance, prior to Week 1, Watson projected that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would throw for 284.3 yards with 2.1 touchdowns and 0.6 turnovers, and thus tally 19.4 points in a standard scoring system. Additionally, the AI platform rated Brady as having a 29 percent “boom” chance (scoring more than 23.8 points) and a 12.2 percent chance of a “bust” (12 or fewer points). In defeating the Texans 27-20, Brady actually threw for 277 yards with three TDs and an interception. That performance equated to 21.3 points.

Similarly, Watson pegged Steelers running back James Conner for 67.5 yards, 0.5 TDs, and 11.1 fantasy points and against the Browns. It also assigned him a 23.4 percent “boom” chance. In Pittsburgh’s 21-all tie with the Browns, Conner ran for 135 yards, two TDs, and 29.2 fantasy points.

Each of Watson’s projections is the result of 1,000 simulations. IBM master inventor and data scientist Aaron Baughman wrote an extensive summary of the training process and how his fantasy team went a perfect 13-0 while using Watson’s Fantasy Insights last year. This season, IBM has organized a league for its employees and some famous sports fans (actor Jerry Ferrara, former NFL player Charles Woodson, and former football player and current mathematician John Urschel). ESPN also is producing weekly advice stories based on Watson recommendations.

“Being able to tap into both structured and unstructured data to allow you to make the most informed decision—it’s applicable to fantasy sports, obviously,” said Noah Syken, VP of sports and entertainment partnerships at IBM, in a statement. “But it’s also applicable to legal and medical and financial trade-offs that people make every single day.”

Culled from Sporttechie

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Google at 20: Understanding Its Background, It’s Success and Failures on Some Products

Yesterday, September 5, 2018, Google was 20 years old. This time frame is extensive for the technology world, and there are not many surviving companies with the same name and structure for such a long period. Google, however, still exists and although its growth has been almost uncontrolled, this has not stopped the structure from becoming just one of the companies of a new company even bigger: Alphabet.

20 years also means that few of our readers were born in a world where Google has always existed. But what are the most famous and most successful products of Google? You probably know the names all of them, but we still want to pay homage to them by going a bit to dig into their history.

Google at 20: Success

Google Search

Google at 20: Google search

The most famous product of Google is Google itself, which is the most famous search engine in the world and that for many are similarity of the Internet itself. There is not much we could tell of the Google search engine you probably do not already know. It was born in 1998 from the intuition that indexation of the World Wide Web based on links between the sites could be better than a more classical one where all the sites on the internet were merely catalogued as if it were a simple index. Thanks to the correlation and the links it was therefore possible for Google to draw up research results that were consistent with the real importance of a particular website.

Since then Google has changed: you can search for images, get answers without leaving the site, be protected from dangerous sites thanks to alerts and much more. The birthday of Google is celebrated on September 27, the date of the first record of views by Google, since the opening of September 4.



Gmail, formerly Google Mail, was founded in 2004 with 1 GB of available space. At that time it was a large quantity, and a year later it was doubled, up to the current 15 GB (shared with Google Drive). Initially, Gmail was by invitation only, and users had only six invitations available. Then the available invitations became 100. It was therefore not difficult to register, but registration by invitation still allowed to check the records and also remained a certain level of exclusivity. In Nigeria, it has been possible to register in normal mode only since 2007. It is just in 2009 that Gmail comes out of the Beta phase, becoming one of the software with the longest Beta status ever. To date, GMail is a real quality standard. There are now many companies and universities that use the G Suite for Business, placing their emails right on GMail servers.



YouTube is probably the most famous product among those we talk about in this article. YouTube was founded in early 2005 just a month after the creation of Google Video, the first true service for amateur and non-Google videos. YouTube’s success was not immediately overwhelming, mainly due to the scarcity of quality content and the speed of user networks. The most successful compared to Google Video, however, pushed Google to acquire YouTube at the end of 2006, then going to close its first service a few years later. YouTube has radically changed the world of news and entertainment, shifting a lot of attention, especially the younger ones, away from the TV and other forms of diffusion, making video content a simple thing, available on request and providing quality content directly in the own smartphone or computer. Over the years, YouTube has introduced features such as live streaming and the Gaming section of the portal, going to conquer more and more significant market segments.

Google Maps

Google Map

Google Maps launched in early 2005. It has undoubtedly been the service, along with Google Earth whose maps are integrated since 2006, to have attracted more users right away to the Google world. The service has been gradually launched in various countries, and it’s available in Nigeria thanks to Moriwo offering a panoramic street view of Lagos. The integration of the Street View service, which includes real images taken from different sources, has then made even more futuristic and innovative the service offered by Google.
To date, Google Maps is a much larger software than a simple roadmap, which includes site reviews, traffic information, traffic accident notifications, and much more.



Many could not even imagine it, but Android as a company was born before all the services mentioned above (except for Google itself). Founded in 2003 by Andy Rubin (Founder and lead, Essential Phone ) to create mobile phones more aware of our position and our preferences. In 2005 it was bought by Google, and the Android operating system will be officially announced just in 2007, four years after the company was founded. The first commercially available smartphone running Android was the HTC Dream, also known as T-Mobile G1, announced on September 23, 2008

Google at 20: Not everything was a success.



To get to where we are now, Google has launched a myriad of products and not everyone can define themselves as a success. The one that most upset the cards at the table and that still agonizes is Google+. The social network of Google was launched with arrogance so that it had become mandatory and integrated into many Google services. Especially YouTube heavily influences Google+, forcing users to switch from the social network even just to comment. Even today there are traces in the creation of the channels but fortunately, the constraints are less stringent. Still talking about social networks, few users will remember Orkut, a social network founded in 2004 and closed in 2014. People were joining the community, a bit like today’s Facebook groups (or those of Google+). The service had a 53% user base from Brazil and the rest mainly made up of US and Indian users.

Google Wave

Google Wave

One of the most innovative services was then Google Wave, a collaborative production software, which could almost be considered a second life of productivity, where users “met” virtually in the software to work collaboratively. A project that was probably too ambitious, but which at that time had once again demonstrated how Google could push the bar of integration between different services even higher.

Google Reader

Then we close with Google Reader: a service so essential and straightforward that its closure has led to particularly long mourning in the online community. The service had no competitors and did not seem to be in decline, but Google still chose to close the most famous RSS feed reader on the web.

Belated Happy Birthday Google. Please let us know in the comments which were the most important Google services for you.

source: Wikipedia

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Microsoft Makes Its Workplace App Teams More Competent

Microsoft has unveiled additional features to its workplace app Teams which is similar to Skype, as side from inline translation capabilities, hosting up over 250 participants in meetings, and more.

“Teams would now support cloud-based meeting recording, “meeting lobby” for dial-in callers to qualify before they join the meetings and dial-in fallback support to ensure joining a meeting even in the event of network issues,” James Skay, Senior Product Marketing Manager , Intelligent Communications Product Marketing Group, Microsoft wrote in a blog post on Friday

The latest additional Microsoft Teams features include delegate support, call queues, auto-attendant, consultative transfer, do-not-disturb breakthrough, group call forwarding and out-of-office support.

Microsoft Teams Workplace App

With Direct Routing currently being part of Teams, users can certainly use their very own telephone services, together with Calling Plans will give users additional choice for dial tone in Microsoft Teams,” Skay added.

“Not every organisation has dedicated IT resources to manage their transition to Teams. In order to assist these customers, we will begin offering them Microsoft-driven automated upgrades to Teams,” Skay added.

Adding these enhancements to the devices ecosystem for Teams along with updated Skype Room Systems, app for Surface Hub in the Microsoft Store, USB-support, Microsoft is attempting to enable smoother workplace operations.

“We will communicate directly with customers regarding their upgrade options through email and in the Office 365 Message Center,” the post said.

In addition, cloud video intro services that support Teams meetings with existing video teleconferencing (VTC) systems are underway and would be generally available later this calendar year.

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Why Skype for Business Is a Tool Every Business Needs Right Now

In times past, it is necessary for employees to attend meeting face-to-face in the same room with clients. These days that ceases to be the situation of things. Communication tool like Skype for business is currently reforming the manner in which meetings are held regardless of your location.

With Skype for business, you can hold a meeting in any location and participants will be able to see, hear and also collaborate during the session as though everyone is working in the same room.

What is Skype for Business

Skype for business is a robust communication platform that integrates usual channels of business communication and also online meetings, such as instant messaging (IM), Voice over IP (VoIP), file transfers, video conferencing, web conferencing and email. It helps you collaborate with 250 people simultaneously together with enterprise-grade security to manage employee account.

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Top 6 features why you need Skype for Business

Here are some of the features which make Skype for Business the best tool for every business needs right now:

1. Conduct Meetings on the Go
Skype for Business enables you to conduct audio, video and web conferencing on the go. It is possible to organize an online meeting well ahead of time and also to host one in real time up to 250 attendees. You can easily schedule meeting with Outlook plugin, web scheduler in Skype for Business and Single-Touch Join feature from calendar meeting reminders.

2. Several Presenter Controls
Skype for Business provides a lot of meeting controls that include mute all or individual attendees, hide the names behind display pictures, block any person’s video, invite other people, customize permissions to allow presenters to act as participants, etc.

3. Different Participant Views
Skype for Business provides different ways of viewing a particular meeting. Participants can choose how they want to view a meeting like Gallery view, speaker view, presentation view and compact view.

4. Powerpoint Presentations
You can easily deliver a powerpoint presentation to multiple participants with high-resolution displays. Additionally, you can make the most of the other powerpoint features such as slide transitions and embedded videos.

Skype for Business - Desktop and File sharing

5. Recording and Playback

The moderators and coordinators can record different parts of a gathering, for example, sound, video, IMs, sharing sessions, whiteboards, and that’s just the beginning, and everything can be recorded on the go.

6. Meeting Content Retention

Skype for Business clients can transfer a scope of material for their conferences as Excel records, PowerPoint introductions, notes, and the sky is the limit from there. The maintenance time frame for a meeting contents can be for a period of 15 days or 8 hours depending on the type of meeting.



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Descasio Enhances Employee Productivity using IBM’s AI-powered Solution

Lagos, Nigeria August 16, 2018: Descasio, a leading cloud services provider in West Africa, has chosen IBM Watson Workspace to enhance its existing email services and provide a smart employee collaborating tool on desktop and mobile devices. The company was looking for an application that could enable smarter and seamless communication, helping their teams to focus on the strategic aspects of their business.

IBM Watson Workspace is a messaging application which helps teams improve work productivity and also provides the capability to hold group conversations and share data files.

IBM Watson Workspace

Through its built-in AI capabilities, the solution has enabled Descasio’s sales and technical teams to create workspaces where they can collaborate on all sales activities. Watson Workspace has enabled Descasio to significantly reduce the time group members spend reading through conversations to obtain information relevant to them.

“One of the things that really excites us about this platform is the ease with which we can build new solutions using APIs. We are now thinking about ways we can use IBM Watson APIs to create value-added solutions such as virtual assistants, which could help to automate repetitive tasks,” says Dele Nedd, Co-Founder and CEO, Descasio.

IBM Watson Workspace- Solution Improves Efficiency through Integrated Employee Collaboration Capabilities


Watson Workspace has helped Descasio turn conversations into actionable insights, summarized information, prioritized next best actions and made recommendations enabling its employees to connect and collaborate with their teams and other work groups on any device. For example, the solution has enabled teams save up to 30 minutes per team member on responding to issues relevant to their role. It also provides a full, searchable history of all conversations and one central place for all shared images and resources.

“Organizations have seen a proliferation of tools and applications that employees use to get their jobs done at the workplace which has often caused information overload, interruptions and difficulty getting back into the flow of productivity. What IBM Watson Workspace does, is take away these pressures, allowing employees to focus on the activities that really matter,” says Dipo Faulkner, the Country General Manager of IBM Nigeria.

Additionally, as a new reseller of the IBM’s Watson Workspace Essentials in West Africa, Descasio plans to sign on clients for this solution. To achieve this, the company is working with a team from IBM to integrate IBM Watson Workspace into its cloud services portfolio—enabling it to deliver the solution as a service to clients across the region.

About Descasio
Founded in Lagos, Nigeria in 2010, Descasio is a leading cloud services provider focused on delivering enterprise cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes across West Africa. Through its partnerships with global cloud vendors, Descasio helps organizations reduce their IT costs, improve collaboration and improve employee productivity.

About IBM Watson Workspace:

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Microsoft Unveils Azure Virtual WAN and Azure Firewall

Microsoft just announced a public preview of two new offerings designed to help organizations with connectivity and security, Azure Virtual WAN and Azure Firewall.

Azure Virtual WAN is made to simplify branch connectivity on a large scale for enterprises. And Azure Firewall is made to enforce your network security policies while allowing you to take advantage of the scale and simplicity that’s provided to you by the cloud. Here’s some more information about each of these new offerings and what they can provide for your organizations.

About Azure Virtual WAN

The new Azure Virtual WAN offering allows you to take advantage of optimized and automated branch connectivity on a global scale. To accomplish this, the tool lets you seamlessly connect your branches to Azure using SD-WAN and VPN devices. It also offers automated connectivity and configuration management to ensure that you get a simple and intuitive user experience.

Here’s how it works: all the traffic from your branches goes into Microsoft’s network at the Microsoft edge site that is closest to a given branch office. There are 130 of these sites or Points of Presence in Microsoft’s global network. Once your traffic is inside that network, it can terminate inside a one of your Virtual WAN’s virtual hub. You can create those hubs in different Azure regions as well since Azure has plenty of public cloud regions around the world.

Azure Virtual WAN is launching in preview through Citrix and Riverbed. It will also launch with additional partners, including Barracuda, Checkpoint, Nokia Nuage, Palo Alto, Versa Networks, and Silverspeak in the next few months.

About Azure Firewall

Azure Firewall is a new service that’s fully integrated with the Azure platform, portal UI, and services. It offers fully native firewall capabilities for all of your Virtual Network resources. It includes built-in high availability and also lets you scale with your resources automatically. Basically, you can create connectivity policies using application and network filtering rules and then enforce those policies across multiple subscriptions and virtual network. The new service is built to work with Azure’s existing security services in order to strengthen and enhance the entire security experience.

Source: Microsoft | Techgenix

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Gmail for Android and iOS: You Can Disable Conversation View

For some time now Gmail allows you to view the messages received from the same sender in conversations. A feature introduced to ensure a better organization of incoming mail, grouping the elements belonging to the same exchange. It is especially useful for those who find themselves daily dealing with a large number of emails to be managed in the inbox. Not all, however, have welcomed this feature with open arms.

It is now possible to disable email conversation view on Gmail for Android and iOS apps – an option that has been available for some time on the Web.

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Google announced it a few hours ago, and it seems to be a server-side change: it may take up to 15 days for it to appear on your device. In any case, the support page that explains how to do is already online, but only for Android. For iOS, the function is still not available.

Disable conversation view on Gmail for Android and iOS

It’s nothing complicated, however: just open the Gmail menu, choose Settings, General Settings and check the View by conversation checkbox. Note that the setting will be synchronized through all the devices associated with the same account; this means that, if you have the conversation view already deactivated on the website, at some point you will automatically deactivate it even on mobile.

Here is what we read on the pages of the G Suite blog.

In Gmail, replies to messages are grouped as conversations to make it easier to follow and manage them. Nonetheless, some users prefer to see their emails listed individually within the box. It is already possible on the Web by disabling the display mode of conversations in the settings menu and now we are bringing the same feature in applications for Android and iOS.

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Google Creates Data Connector for Salesforce to Import Data from Salesforce

Another Data connector for Salesforce was made on Google Sheets a month ago. The Data Connector for Salesforce is in beta, and it was made by Google Cloud.

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Data connector for salesforce

The Data connector for Salesforce enables clients to import reports or custom information inquiries from Salesforce into Sheets or roll out improvements to Salesforce straightforwardly from Sheets. Import reports or custom information inquiries from Salesforce into Sheets, or roll out improvements to Salesforce specifically from Sheets. The Sheets add-on permits four unique activities with the Salesforce information: Pull in a Salesforce report; Import Salesforce information in view of a custom inquiry or SOQL; Insert/Update changes made in the Sheet to Salesforce; Delete information from Salesforce.

As per Google, if this extra isn’t accessible at your organization G Suite, the administrators need to permit the additional items or just whitelist this one.

Click HERE to install the addon.

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