Leadership Team

Our leadership team which comprises of Project managers, Cloud solution specialists, application developers and change managers with many years of experience in deploying Google Apps and Cloud solutions makes them one of the most qualified team to successfully transition you from your on-premise email solution to Google apps whilst proffering cloud solutions to enhance your business.

Our Cloud solution specialists are skilled in deploying, integrating and migrating business from any email infrastructure to Google Apps. Our Cloud solution specialists have migrated businesses for Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes platform and other on-premise messaging solutions others to Google Apps.

Our Application developers are experts in Cloud based programming and using Google script to developing business application solutions that can be embedded in Google Apps to improve business processes.

Our Change Managers, responsible for coordinating communication that expedite Company wide adoption of Google Apps and address user concerns such as
Why are we switching?
What happens to my old email and data?
How will I get up to speed?
deliver training solutions that minimize resisters and productivity, all in a bid to ensure a smooth and complete transition to Google Apps and other related cloud solutions.