Change Management

Change management and professional development training is extremely important for a successful migration. Our change Management and Training approach increases user adoption, reduces risks and lowers cost

For a project of gross magnitude such as transitioning your business, people and its process to a whole different email platform, it’s required that a structured change approach be in place.
Our Change management approach to Google Apps deployment is broken down into 3 major phases

Readiness: ensure that your organisation and its users are ready to go Google.

Communication: ensuring your users are excited about the tools and have the information they need for a successful transition

Training: providing all the information and events needed to educate your users about the tools

Essentially ensuring that the transition from your legacy system to Google Apps is efficient, with minimal loss of productivity and disruptions to your business while maximizing Google Apps for Work user adoption and productivity.

Our trainings are tailored to support your business IT strategies and enabling your users solve business challenges and work easily and productively with Google Apps for work tools. Our train-the-trainer training options are highlighted below

Onsite training:

This intensive hands-on mode of training involves a close working relationship and face to face interaction between the trainer and the trainees. The training mode allows all participants practical use of the tools taught and to take part in the activities during the training delivered at your offices or any location of your choice.

Online Training:

Training delivered online via Google Hangout. Much smaller class size but still as interactive as the onsite training.

Customized Online Learning Center

Online Learning Center help ensure that your users have access to training materials, FAQ’s, discussion forums and Quick Reference Guides to help them adjust and leverage the Google Apps tools. The branded and editable online learning center can serve as a training portal to help ensure relevant support to all your users.